In Flight Beauty Essentials

When I am traveling it is essential for me to have some comforts so that I don't look like a tired, shriveled up prune when I arrive.

  1. Chapstick.  This may seem obvious but your lips dry out much faster under that recycled air.  My current favorite is EOS.  I love the different “flavors” and they keep my lips perfectly moisturized.  A bonus is that the stick is a large ball which makes it easy to apply.
  2. Coconut oil.  I use coconut oil for everything; from cooking to a nice nighttime hair mask it has endless uses.  I always have a large jar on hand at home and put spoonfuls of it into tiny mason jars to toss in my bag so that I can have it on hand at all times.   I have very dry, course hair and that lovely recycled air makes it look dead.  Before getting on the plane I take about two teaspoons and rub it between my palms until it melts.  Then I run it through the ends of my hair.  After I get off the plane my hair doesn’t look dead and frazzled, but healthy and shiny.  Note: if you have naturally oily or thin hair I would not recommend doing this.
  3. Contact case. That dry air makes my contacts dry out and my eyes red.  I always pack a travel size of saline solution with my contact case in my carry on.  I also carry a small mirror so that I don’t have to get up and use the restroom to take them out once on the plane. 
  4. Comfy socks.  Who doesn’t love kicking off their shoes on a long flight?  With temperatures rising and warmer weather approaching I rarely wear socks.  Before a flight I always pop a pair of thick, cozy socks into my bag and put them on once I get in my seat. Your feet tend to swell on the plane due to changes in air pressure so taking off your shoes will help to not make your feet feel so constricted.  
  5. Comfy walking shoes.  Now I am not one to wear my fanciest heels when flying, but I also am not a believer in wearing workout gear or pajamas while traveling either.  I love the way heels give me great posture and a bit of a height lift, but they are not practical when running from one gate to the next.  Behold the Nike High Dunk Sky High Sneaker!  Still comfortable to run around in, but the slight incline gives you that great posture that heels do. 
  6. A wrap. Fun fact: when cruising at 40,000 feet the outside air temperature is -69 degrees fahrenheit.  This coupled with that cold recycled air means a chilly airplane.  Those paper thin blankets don’t do much good for keeping warm so I always bring a warm, cozy wrap.  Not only can you wear it and look stylish, but it doubles as a blanket to keep you warm!  I was lucky enough to be given a nice cashmere wrap as a gift that I now cannot fly without!  But if something like that is not in your budget I would recommend finding a fun wrap when on your travels.  
  7. Facial wipes.  Your skin needs a break from makeup!  Flying is the perfect time to give it that break.  My makeup always looks horrible after I get off a plane: eye makeup smeared, foundation melted off, lipstick faded.  Now instead of trying to fight the inevitable I bring a face wipe and take everything off before getting on the plane.  It gives my skin a nice break, but I also don’t have to keep wondering if I have raccoon eyes.  I have tried a bunch of different brands, by my favorite is good old Neutrogena Towelettes.  
  8. Face spray.  You guessed it, this is to combat that recycled air again.  I flew with a face spray once and have never not flown without it since! After you take off your makeup with a facial wipe spray this onto your face and neck.  It will help to keep your skin hydrated.  Repeat every few hours.  Also if you fall asleep and need something to wake you up there is nothing like a spray of cold water in your face.  I like Evian’s Mineral Spray Water since it’s small enough to take on a plane without getting confiscated by the TSA.
  9. Water.  Yes this is a beauty tip!  I try to drink at least 6 glasses of water per day.  When traveling I shoot for at least 8 per day.  That lovely recycled air is going to dry you out so drink up, especially if you plan on having a cocktail or two on that long flight.  It can be hard to get enough water from those infrequent drink carts so I recommend brining your own bottle and filling up before you leave the airport.  My current favorite accessory is my bkrwater bottle.  It’s glass so I don’t have to worry about BPAs and it’s reusable so it’s good for the environment!