3 Beauty Rituals I Picked Up From Traveling

Bath at Areias do Seixo

Bath at Areias do Seixo


One of the ways travel has changed my life is through my beauty routines.  I love learning about new ways to take care of myself all over the world.  Below are three beauty rituals that I picked up from traveling and that I incorporate at home. 

Deep Exfoliation.  

My first experience with deep exfoliation was in Istanbul at a bathhouse.  It makes my skin feel baby soft and insanely clean.  In the bathhouse you sit in a steamy room and are doused with buckets of water before being vigorously scrubbed from head to toe.  To recreate the experience at home, I draw a hot steamy bath, and soak for ten minutes.  I then use an exfoliation mit and scrub:  I start at my feet and work all the way up to my neck.  You want to work up and down several times until your skin burns a bit and turns a little red.  When you begin to see globs of dead skin you know you are doing it right!  The whole process should take about five minutes.  After I like to use a little bit of coconut oil to hydrate my skin.

Korean Skincare (aka K Beauty)  

Before my wedding last year I decided to give Korean skincare a try, and it has been the best thing I have ever done for my complexion.  My routine is a slightly modified version of the 10 step beauty routine that is becoming popular in the US.  I start by double cleansing my skin first with Klairs Gentle Deep Black Cleansing Oil to take off my makeup and next with Erborian Black Soap to help with my blackheads. Next, I tone and exfoliate with Son and Park Beauty Water, if you are looking to get into Korean Skincare, this is the first product I would buy.  I use it on its own after the gym or if I'm feeling lazy in the morning.  I love the beauty water because it has the same pH as skin and doesn't burn like other toners.  Next, I use COSRX Triple C Lighting Liquid which has helped to remove my acne scars and to brighten my skin.  Then I add moisture, which I used to think gave me more acne, but has actually helped to cure it!  I first use Real Ferment Micro Essence, I place a few drops in the palms of my hands and pat it all over my face.  I noticed it has helped to make the texture of my skin more supple.  Next, I use another one of my favorite products: Missha Super Aqua Cell Renew Snail Cream.  It's another product I would recommend if you are looking to try out Korean skincare.  Like the product name says, it's made from snail mucin (that little trail snails leave behind), which sounds gross, but it's incredibly hydrating.  It doesn't leave my skin greasy or sticky and gives me a natural glow.  During the winter I then fan my face dry and add Glossier Priming Moisturizer Rich for some extra hydration and to lock everything in.  I also use it in the morning under my makeup.  The last (but not least) step is anti-aging eye cream.  My favorite is L'Oreal Advanced Revitalift Eye Cream.  I have been using it for years, not only is it effective at reducing fine lines and hydrating, but it's affordable.

If you are looking to try any of the products above, click here for 20% off at Soko Glam and here for 10% off Glossier!

Nail Art.  

Now very trendy in New York City, I first discovered nail art in Tokyo almost six years ago.  I remember being in Harajuku and seeing girls with nails painted in ten different colors and bedazzled with glitter and sequins.  I loved how their nails were such a small but major fashion statement, and such a fun way to express their style.  It wasn't until a few years later that this fun fashion craze made its way to New York.  Some of my favorite places to go for nail art in New York are Paintbox in Soho and Valley (with several locations in Manhattan).

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3 Beauty Rituals that I Picked up from Traveling