How to Beat Jet Lag


Jet lag can be rough.  You want to enjoy every moment of your vacation, but being tired can make that challenging.  Here I share some tips I use during my own travels to help beat jet lag.


Getting in a pre and post-flight workout is key for helping my body to recover from jet lag.  I like to go on a run or do a high intensity cardio class before getting on a plane.  I find that if I get in a good workout it's easier for me to relax on the plane (and even sleep if I need to).  If I arrive to my destination at night I will do some post flight yoga to get all the kinks out and help me sleep.  If I arrive during the morning or afternoon I like to go on an easy run to release endorphins (which help with energy), plus it's a great way to explore! 


Avoid caffeine

I try to avoid caffeine the day before and day of a flight.  This helps to trick my body as to what time it is.  If you are a heavy caffeine drinker don't go cold turkey as it can cause headaches, instead try switching to black or green tea.  When you arrive at your destination have a nice cup of coffee with your breakfast, it will help to regulate your body to the new time zone.



I started using melatonin about a year ago and now I never travel without it.  Take 5-10mg (depending on your weight and tolerance) about 30 minutes before you want to fall asleep.  The melatonin will help you to feel drowsy so that you can fall asleep, but when you wake up you won't feel groggy.  I also like to take melatonin if I'm having trouble sleeping when at home, it's a life saver.  


Get on a routine

The best thing you can do to adjust to a new time zone it to get up and get going.  Even if you are tired, it's best to fight through the sleepiness the first and second day.  Your body will adapt faster this way than if you stay in bed and take a lot of naps.