Last summer I fell in love.  It was instant, passionate, and deep.  I had seen photos of the iconic umbrellas and coastline, but I wasn't prepared for how perfect and lovely Positano would be in person.  I was instantly drawn to the town's stunning landscape, vibrant colors, and relaxed vibe.  If you are looking for a european summer escape, my top recommendation would be Positano, Italy.  


Il Ritrovo Go here for typical Italian dishes served on a beautiful terrace with a view.  The restaurant will most likely send you a few surprises and you'll leave with a gift.  It's important to note that the streets of Positano are windy and narrow and not safe to walk on at night.  Most restaurants offer a pickup and drop off service that will take you door to door from your hotel.  When making a reservation make sure to ask if your restaurant offers this (most do).


Da Adolfo  If you are craving seafood this is the place to try.  You'll need to grab the restaurant's free water shuttle that will take you to a small and secluded beach.  There you can enjoy a lie in the sun and feast on their amazing seafood and peach sangria.  


Casa e Bottega  This shop has a beautifully curated selection of dishes and dish towels (items I go nuts for).  It is also a healthy restaurant and on my list of eats that cannot be missed.

Custom Sandals  Let your inner fashion designer out and design your own pair of leather sandals.  Several shops in Positano make sandals custom fitted to your feet.  The color options are endless and you can choose the style ranging from flip flop to gladiator.




Positano is in a region of Italy called the Amalfi Coast.  The closest airport is Naples, however, you can fly into Florence or Rome.  After arriving at the airport of your choice you will need to take a Trenitalia train to Sorrento.  From Naples the train will take about 1.5 hours, from Rome 3 hours, and from Florence about 5 hours.  If you prefer, taking a water taxi from Naples is also an option.

Once you arrive into Sorrento there are a few options for getting to Positano both taking around 40 minutes..  The first (and easiest) is to book a private car transfer.  Cars can be arranged through your hotel or a private company and will cost around 90 euro one way.  The second option is to take the public SITA bus.  This option is much cheaper an will cost about 2.20 euro per person.  Before choosing your mode of transport consider how much luggage you have.  During peak tourist season the buses can get quite crowded, leaving little room for bags.  The streets of the Amalfi coast are also extremely windy so if you are prone to motion sickness I would recommend hiring a private car.